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Gathering Place Rental Policies

The Gathering Place is available to rent 7 days a week. It is licensed to hold 45 people and features a certified kitchen. Reservations can be made by contacting Sarah Kane via the LaCrosse Community Pride website or calling 509-549-3020.

Rental Rate is $25 per event

Download: Rental Contract and Policy Information


















Reservations can be made by contacting Sarah Kane (509-549-3020) or via the LaCrosse Community Pride's webpage (  Reservations are taken on a first come first serve basis. Reservations are not confirmed until security deposit and signed rental agreement are received. Rental payments should be paid by separate check at the time reservations are made.



A cancellation must be made one week prior to agreed rental use, by calling Sarah Kane at 509-549-3020. If your reservation is made during a “prime calendar time”, (holidays, graduation, LaCrosse event days or Saturdays) then cancellation must be made two weeks prior to agreed rental use.  If cancellation is not received within that time period, the rental fee will not be returned.


Security/Damage Deposit:

A refundable security/damage deposit in the amount of $125 is required to hold the reservation and may be used in event of damage or lack of leaving the premises in the condition in which it was rented.  (See further information on rental agreement page). 


Policies and Procedures:

A. The Gathering Place is a Smoke Free Facility.

B. User cannot tape or staple materials in any way to the walls, ceiling or acoustic panels. No, nails, screws, or other objects are allowed. Ribbons, balloons or other lightweight items may be tied or hung from the overhead ceiling spans. All decorations must be removed immediately following the event.

C. User is responsible for returning all round tables and chairs to their original locations. Other tables and chairs used for the event must be returned to their appropriate storage cart.

D. The renter is responsible for proper cleaning of the kitchen immediately after the conclusion of the event. If the after-event inspection determines that the kitchen was not properly cleaned, the security/damage deposit will be reduced by the cost of proper cleaning.

E. Use of the kitchen includes: sinks, designated refrigerator, coffee makers, ovens, dishwasher, dishes, cooking utensils, and any other equipment or item covered during the orientation session.

F. No repair work is to be done to the facility by unauthorized personnel.

G.  If alcoholic beverages are served, or food prepared or served, the required permit is to be purchased, copy provided at the time of the orientation session prior to event, and must be visibly displayed during the event.

H. All trash must be removed from the Gathering Place and placed in the garbage can located behind Carter's Food's. All food must be removed.

I. Bowls, cooking equipment or other kitchen items are NOT to be removed, even temporarily.

J. Floors must be vacuumed, swept and mopped and tables and chairs wiped clean. A fee of $50 will be withheld from the security deposit if the facility is not left in the same condition as at beginning of the rental event. If for some reason you can’t and/or don’t want to clean-up after the event, arrangements can be made to have an employee of LaCrosse Community Pride clean for you for $50. Contact Sarah Kane (509)-549-3020 for details.

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