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Washington Main Street Tax Incentive Program

LaCrosse Community Pride is fortunate to be a part of the Main Street Tax Incentive Program. This program keeps taxes local and working in the community. 

Starting January 9th, 2023, as a business, when you pledge to donate to LaCrosse Community Pride through the Washington Main Street Tax Credit Program, you will receive 75% of your donation back as a WA State B&O tax credit for 2024. Your full pledged amount is also tax deductible, since the LCP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. This means you are able to redirect your tax dollars back into our community - helping us in our mission to support economic vitality and historical preservation.  

This Year:
Your give: 
$10,000 to


Next Year:
Your receive

 tax credit




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Visit the WA Department of Revenue’s website to make your pledge.

Step 1:

  1. Sign in or create an account

  2. Choose “More Excise Tax Options” in the Account box

  3. Select “Manage/Apply for a Tax Credit” in the Credits box

  4. Select “Add Main Street Application”

  5. Find LaCrosse Community Pride and enter the Contribution Amount; click next

  6. Fill in the required information and Submit.


Step 2:

Before December 15th, 2023 make a donation of the pledged amount to the LaCrosse Community Partners. You can make this donation online by clicking this link or simply mail a check.


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