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LaCrosse Community Pride

LaCrosse Community Pride is composed of individuals who are passionate about the revitalizing the town of LaCrosse and creating a community that  can flourish even in the toughest times. 


The group was formed in 2011 after the last grocery store closed its doors for good. Their goal was to prevent LaCrosse from becoming a ghost town, like so many of the other communities in our area. Originally, the LCP founders were going to renovate the hardware store on the south end of town, but the plans did not get far because the building burned to the ground. This did not discourage members. They rallied the troops and rebuilt the grocery store. 

LaCrosse Community Pride now owns the grocery store building, bank building, café building, the Andrus building, and all of the rock houses. They also own and manage the LaCrosse apartments. 


There is a vast amount of work to be done within this organization. LaCrosse Community Pride is always in need of volunteers to help with building upkeep and new construction. Please feel free to contact Sarah Kane (509)-549-3020 to find out how you can help.  

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