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Farmers' Festival 2023

Farmers' Festival

Chautauqua assemblies began as a religious movement in the late 19th century. As they spread throughout rural America in the early 20th century, their purpose morphed into a social event that brought entertainment to communities near and far. The Chautauqua would span over several days and include entertainment in the form of speakers, musicians, showmen, preachers, and specialist of the day. Most communities would have picnics, baseball games and rodeos during this time as well. 

LaCrosse held their first Chautauqua June 17-22, 2015. The LaCrosse Clipper claimed that over 1,000 people attended.  


Chautauqua circa 1916

Farmers Fest Sack Race_0341.jpg

Chautauqua circa 1916

Farmers Fest Rolling Pins toss_0483.jpg

With few people in attendance during the 1924 Chautauqua, the city was forced to discontinue the annual event on the account of finances. 

June 17, 1932 the event made a comeback under the name Farmer's Day Picnic. "Farmer" Brown spoke and there were games in the park. The name was later changed to Farmers' Festival.


Today, Farmers' Festival is held during the 4th weekend of June. The celebration kicks off with a car show and cruise along with a BBQ on Main Street.  Followed by a parade, games in the park, and a street dance on Main Street Saturday. Sunday is reserved for church and a community breakfast. 

Farmers Fest Speeders_0168.jpg
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